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CAT College Predictor 2024

CAT College Predictor
College Predictor based on Profile

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The CAT College Predictor is a valuable tool designed to assist CAT (Common Admission Test) aspirants in forecasting potential B-school admissions based on their academic & professional profile. Developed to alleviate uncertainties and provide strategic insights, the CAT College Predictor 2024 leverages historical data and analysis to offer personalized projections.

Each MBA Business School, including the prestigious IIMs, has its distinct criteria for shortlisting candidates. Over time, these criteria have undergone changes, and BYJU’S has analyzed the data to create a tool capable of predicting, with a reasonable level of accuracy, the potential interview calls a candidate may receive based on their CAT profile. BYJU’S College Predictor for CAT addresses key questions that candidates often have:

  • Do I need to have 95%+ in my 10th 12th to secure a seat in IIMs?
  • Is my profile good for the top B-Schools in India?
  • What CAT percentile is required to secure admission to my desired IIM?
  • Can I expect an interview call from IIM Ahmedabad/Bangalore based on my CAT percentile and profile?

The CAT Score College Predictor 2024 is a tool crafted for CAT aspirants by IIM Alum & serial 99%ilers at BYJU’S. The purpose of the CAT College Predictor is to equip aspirants with insights into what they can anticipate, ensuring realistic expectations.

Utilizing criteria set by top B-schools over the years and insights from past students, the CAT College Predictor estimates the likelihood of receiving an interview call from the preferred B-school. This involves normalizing scores from your class 10, 12, and graduation, considering factors like academic diversity, category, etc. The CAT Rank College Predictor simplifies this complex evaluation by utilizing your details and generating a report that illustrates the score you need to stand a strong chance of receiving an interview call.

The CAT Score College Predictor compares your profile parameters, including category, academics, gender, etc., with the eligibility criteria of the IIMs. Subsequently, it provides a list of IIMs where you are likely to receive an interview call and the corresponding percentile requirement. This comprehensive approach aims to guide and inform CAT aspirants about their chances in the competitive admission process.

How to Use the CAT College Predictor Tool?

The CAT College Predictor gauges diverse factors adopted by various institutes to estimate the potential B-school interview calls you may receive. Each college establishes its unique criteria for extending calls to candidates, encompassing a range of factors that are also incorporated into the CAT College Predictor. Some of these criteria encompass:

  • Academic Performance (Class X, Class XII, Graduation Grades)
    The College Predictor for CAT evaluates a candidate’s scholastic record, including performance in Class X, Class XII, and graduation. This information aids in understanding the academic prowess and consistency of the applicant.
  • Work Experience
    The CAT College Predictor considers the candidate’s work experience, providing insights into their professional background. Work experience is a crucial factor in B-school admissions, as it demonstrates practical exposure and skill development.
  • Category
    Considering the candidate’s category, such as General, OBC, SC, or ST, the CAT College Predictor incorporates affirmative action policies to assess how these designations might influence admission probabilities at various B-schools.
  • CAT Score
    The CAT score is a pivotal factor in predicting B-school calls. The CAT College Predictor analyzes the CAT score to estimate the likelihood of securing interview invitations from different institutes, factoring in the competitiveness of the score.
  • Gender
    The CAT College Predictor takes into account the candidate’s gender, as some B-schools may have specific diversity goals. Gender diversity can influence the likelihood of receiving interview calls, and this factor is considered in the predictive analysis.

The CAT College Predictor has been fine-tuned in alignment with the specific criteria and weighting assigned by each college. This meticulous calibration ensures a more precise assessment of your likelihood of securing a B-school interview, taking into account the nuanced considerations of different institutions.

What can be checked with the CAT college predictor tool?
Choosing the right business school is a pivotal decision that can significantly shape one’s career trajectory. As CAT aspirants navigate the competitive landscape of B-school admissions, the best CAT colleges predictor emerges as a valuable ally. This innovative tool goes beyond mere predictions, offering a comprehensive analysis of crucial factors that influence admission outcomes.

Academic Performance Evaluation

One of the primary features of the CAT College Predictor is its ability to evaluate academic performance. This includes assessing scores from Class X, Class XII, and graduation. By considering the entirety of an applicant’s scholastic journey, the tool provides insights into the consistency and strength of their academic background.

Work Experience Assessment

For candidates with professional experience, the tool analyzes work experience data. Many B-schools value candidates with diverse work backgrounds. The predictor assesses the relevance and duration of work experience, offering insights into how this aspect might impact admission chances.

Category-specific Predictions

Recognizing the significance of diversity, the College Predictor for CAT considers the applicant’s category, be it General, OBC, SC, or ST. This factor is crucial as many B-schools have specific quotas and criteria for each category, influencing the overall admission process.

CAT Score Impact

A critical determinant of B-school admissions is the CAT score. The predictor meticulously analyzes this score, gauging its competitiveness and estimating the likelihood of receiving interview invitations from various institutes. This insight helps candidates understand the correlation between their CAT performance and potential calls.

Gender Diversity Consideration

Acknowledging the importance of gender diversity in academic environments, the CAT Score College Predictor incorporates the candidate’s gender. This factor can influence admission outcomes, particularly in institutes that prioritize achieving a balanced gender ratio among students.

Top IIMs Shortlisting Analysis

The tool extends its utility by offering an in-depth analysis of the shortlisting criteria of the top 13 IIMs. By delving into the specific requirements and preferences of each institute, candidates gain valuable insights into what these premier institutions prioritize in their selection process.

The CAT 2024 College Predictor Tool is a comprehensive and sophisticated instrument designed to empower CAT aspirants with actionable insights. By evaluating a multitude of factors, it provides a holistic understanding of a candidate’s profile and potential fit with various B-schools. Aspirants leveraging this tool gain a strategic advantage, enabling them to make informed decisions and enhance their chances of securing coveted admissions in top-tier management institutions.

Benefits of CAT college predictor tool

Deep Profile Examination

The profile examination process is thorough and inclusive, considering various factors like academic diversity, gender diversity, and different categories. This holistic approach ensures that a candidate’s entire profile is taken into account, providing a nuanced understanding of their potential fit with different B-schools.

Scrutiny of IIM Shortlisting

In-depth scrutiny is conducted on the shortlisting criteria of the top IIMs, utilizing the latest available data. This analysis delves into the specific requirements and preferences of each IIM, offering valuable insights into the factors that influence the shortlisting process and helping candidates tailor their applications accordingly.

Equalization Among Educational Boards

The CAT College Predictor employs a normalization process that models the relative difficulty levels across different State Boards. This simulation ensures a fair evaluation of X and XII marks, considering variations in difficulty among different educational boards. This normalization process enhances the accuracy of predictions by accounting for disparities in grading standards.

Verified with a Substantial Sample Size

The predictive model is validated against a substantial sample size, comprising thousands of IIM call getters from the 2022 admissions cycle. This extensive validation process enhances the reliability and accuracy of the CAT Rank College Predictor by aligning its predictions with real-world outcomes, ensuring that it reflects the dynamics of the CAT and IIM admission processes effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions on CAT College Predictor


Which is the best CAT college predictor?

BYJU’S CAT college predictor is the best CAT College Predictor available to users. Due to its accuracy, the majority of the students prefer the BYJU’S CAT college predictor. Also, the predictor is free for students to use.


What is the CAT call college predictor?

The CAT College Predictor is a tool to help candidates know the likelihood of getting a call from the Top B schools basis factors such as academic performance, work experience, gender diversity etc.


Is getting 70 percentile in CAT easy?

Candidates should not merely aim at getting 70 percentile in CAT. the aim should be to score above 90 percentile. However, if candidates prepare well , have their fundamentals clear and write sufficient mock tests getting a 70 percentile in CAT is a cake walk.


Which is best IIM call predictor?

Accuracy and reliability of IIM call predictor is important for the candidates. BYJU’S IIM Call Predictor is well-regarded among CAT aspirants for its relatively accurate predictions and user-friendly interface.


Is CAT college predictor accurate?

There are many CAT College predictor available. However, it is the accuracy of the results of the College predictor which matters. BYJU’S CAT College Predictor has been devised by IIM Alumni and serial 99+ilers. The accuracy has been thoroughly tested and therefore its highly reliable.