Slogans for Kids

What all do you need to know before you start writing slogans? Read through the article to find out.

A slogan is a catchphrase that is one of the easiest ways to communicate an idea, propose a strong suit, market a brand and create awareness. Writing slogans is an art in itself. It would take a lot of brainstorming to create a simple yet memorable, catchy and creative slogan that would get the attention of your target audience.

Writing effective slogans takes practice. To become an expert in writing slogans, you need to know how it is done. In order to do it, you should know about the subject that is being discussed. Unless you have a thorough knowledge of the issue you are addressing, you cannot write slogans that would make an impact. Your slogans should be in such a way that you get your audience to step up and become torchbearers of change.

You cannot do it unless you have the expertise of writing very influential slogans. The examples below will aid you to take your first step in the pathway to change.

To Help You Write Slogans

Bhagat Singh’s Slogans Slogans on Cleanliness
Environment Day Slogans Slogans on Pollution
Slogans on Plastic Slogans on Save Water
Slogans on Air Pollution


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