NIOS Science C Level Syllabus

OBE – The open basic education programme was initiated in 1994 to provide primary and middle education to adult neo-literates who could not take advantage of the standard education system by an alternative means of open schooling.

NIOS C Level Science Syllabus

Science is a fascinating subject that gives students an idea of the universe, phenomena, surrounding and living world. The entire course comprises twenty-one chapters which have been divided into seven units. The total duration of the lesson plan is for 100 hours, which has been distributed according to the topics and subtopics.

Check the links given below for more information about each chapter given in the NIOS OBE – C level Science syllabus.

The syllabus of Science includes:

Unit 1: Living World

Chapter 1: What is Science? Why should we study Science?

Chapter 2: Living Beings and their Habitat

Chapter 3: Plants and Animal Kingdom

Chapter 4: Biological Process- I

Chapter 5: Biological Process- II

Unit 2: Matter

Chapter 6: Different Types of Materials- I

Chapter 7: Different Types of Materials- II

Chapter 8: How do Changes Take Place?

Chapter 9: Fibres and Fabrics

Chapter 10: Heat

Unit 3: Food

Chapter 11: Nutrition in Plants and Animals

Chapter 12: Microorganisms

Chapter 13: Crop Production

Unit 4: How Things Work?

Chapter 14: Magnetism, Electric Current and Circuits

Unit 5: Objects in Motion

Chapter 15: Movable Objects, Force, Friction and Motion

Chapter 16: Sound

Unit 6: Natural Phenomena

Chapter 17: Light

Chapter 18: Natural Calamities and Disaster Management

Unit 7: Natural Resources

Chapter 19: Natural Resources – I

Chapter 20: Natural Resources – II

Chapter 21: Waste Management and Swach Bharat

We, at BYJU’S, provide the detailed curriculum for the open basic education programme- A, B and C levels, along with the mark-wise weightage for every chapter to have a good idea about the exam pattern.


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