NIOS C Level Syllabus

NIOS C level syllabus is roughly equivalent to class 6 – 8. In order for students to improve their skills and succeed, they must go through the syllabus thoroughly. This allows them to see what they have learned so far and what they still need to learn before finishing the course. In addition, going through a syllabus allows students to know if they are on track with assignments and if there are any gaps in their understanding that need filling. Furthermore, it gives them a sense of accomplishment when they complete an assignment or finish reading an assigned chapter because it feels like they have achieved something by doing so.

NIOS C Level Syllabus Subjects

NIOS provides the following subjects at C Level. To view the syllabus for your subject, click on the relevant link:

C Level Social Science Syllabus
C Level Science Syllabus
C Level Maths Syllabus
C Level Basic Computer Skills Syllabus
C Level English Language Syllabus

The syllabus is the course outline of what students will learn for a given semester. It helps them know what to expect and gives them an idea of what they should study. To explore other resources for your exams, register at BYJU’S NIOS


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