Assam State Board Books

The Secondary Education Board of Assam – SEBA conducts an exam from Class 10 and the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council –AHSEC is responsible for conducting Class 11 and 12 board examinations. Books play an imperative role in upgrading student’s aptitude as it helps them in providing all the required information on the specific subject. A textbook encompasses all the subject-based topics from the Assam board syllabus and is generally modified by the subject experts, under the guidance of the State Government. We at BYJU’S aims to convey students with all the necessary support for performing best in their examinations.

SEBA Board Textbooks

Textbooks of SEBA Board are designed by referring to the syllabus prescribed by Board. It covers all important concepts and topics. Each chapter is explained elaborately with suitable examples in a simple language. At the end of each chapter exercise questions are provided to practice. Students should refer to their respective textbooks while preparing for exam because teachers also take reference of textbooks while preparing final question paper.

Assam State Board Class 6 Books
Assam State Board Class 7 Books
Assam State Board Class 8 Books
Assam State Board Class 9 Books
Assam State Board Class 10 Books

AHSEC Board Textbooks

AHSEC Board textbooks are the most beneficial resource while preparing for exam. It is designed according to syllabus and explains each concept or topic elaborately. To fetch more marks in their exam, students should be thorough with their respective textbooks. Having a thorough knowledge of the textbook will help them to write the final question paper with full confidence. It plays an important role in exam preparation.

AHSEC Board Class 11 Textbooks
AHSEC Board Class 12 Textbooks


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