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JEE 2024

What is IIT JEE 2024?

IIT JEE 2024 refers to the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination scheduled for the year 2024. It is a nationwide engineering entrance exam administered by the National Testing Authority (NTA). This page provides essential information for individuals aspiring to take the JEE in 2024. According to the official notification from the NTA, the JEE Main 2024 will take place in two sessions, in January and April 2024. Successful candidates in JEE Main 2024 will have the opportunity to participate in JEE Advanced 2024. Those who rank within the top 2,50,000 in JEE Main results will qualify for JEE Advanced.

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Passing the JEE Main exam is a challenging endeavor, requiring significant effort and effective preparation to achieve higher scores. Individuals who successfully navigate the JEE exam can secure admission to some of India’s premier engineering institutions, including but not limited to the IITs and NITs.

JEE 2024 Overview

JEE Full Form

Joint Entrance Examination


National-level competitive exam


Admission to IITs, NITs and other prestigious engineering colleges in the country.


JEE Main

JEE Advanced

Exam Mode

Online (Computer-based Test)

Exam Authority

National Testing Agency for JEE Main

IITs for JEE Advanced

JEE 2024 Exam Categories

The JEE 2024 comprises two main stages: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. JEE Main serves as the initial segment of the entrance examination, followed by the subsequent JEE Advanced exam. Given the intense competition, it is crucial for students to prepare meticulously and strategize effectively in order to excel in these exams. Here is further information about JEE Main and JEE Advanced:

JEE Main 2024

The primary stage of JEE 2024 is JEE Main 2024. The examination dates for JEE Main 2024 exam will be determined and announced by the National Testing Agency (NTA), which is responsible for conducting the exam. JEE Main 2024, for instance, will be conducted in two sessions, namely, in January and April 2024. Admission to prestigious institutions such as IIITs, NITs, and CFTIs is contingent on the ranks achieved in JEE Main.

JEE Main Mock Test 2024

JEE aspirants have the opportunity to appear for both of these sessions. The highest score attained from the two sessions will be considered for eligibility in JEE Advanced. The examination encompasses three papers, all administered online. For B.Tech programs, candidates are required to complete paper 1, while paper 2A is necessary for those seeking admission to B.Arch programs. As for B.Planning courses, paper 2B is a prerequisite. The subjects covered in the JEE syllabus include Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The registration process for JEE Main 2024 is already underway, and it is imperative for students to review the JEE Main 2024 eligibility criteria prior to submitting their applications.

JEE Main Dates 2024 Session 1 (January)

The official JEE Main 2024 exam dates are given below.



Release of 1st session JEE Main 2024 application forms

To be Updated

Application fee payment

To be Updated

Application form correction dates

To be Updated

JEE Main admit card release date

To be Updated

JEE Main exam dates

Between 24th January 2024 and 1st February 2024.

JEE Main 1st session answer key release date

To be Updated

Window open for challenging JEE Main answer key

To be Updated

JEE Main 2024 1st session result announcement

To be Updated

JEE Main 2023 Question Papers and Solutions PDFs

2nd Session JEE Main Dates 2024 (April)



Release of 2nd Session JEE Main 2024 application forms

To be Updated

Last date for paying application fees

To be Updated

Application form correction dates

To be Updated

JEE Main admit card release date

To be Updated

JEE Main exam dates

Between 1st April 2024 and 15th April 2024.

JEE Main 2nd session answer key release date

To be Updated

Window open for challenging JEE Main answer key

To be Updated

JEE Main 2024 2nd session result announcement

To be Updated

JEE Advanced 2024

JEE Advanced 2024 is scheduled for June 04, 2024. To qualify for JEE Advanced, the top 2,50,000 candidates from the JEE Main are selected. JEE Advanced serves as the subsequent phase of the examination, and for the year 2024, IIT Madras is responsible for its administration. Additionally, the updated JEE Advanced 2024 syllabus has been released.

Successful candidates in JEE Advanced gain admission to B.E. or B.Tech. programs across 23 IITs and 9 other prestigious institutions. This examination is conducted as a computer-based test (online) with two compulsory papers, each administered in two shifts daily. To be eligible for the merit list, students are required to pass both paper 1 and paper 2.

JEE Advanced 2023 Question Papers and Solution PDFs

Below are the important dates about JEE Advanced 2024.

S. No.


Day, Date and Time (IST)


Registration for JEE (Advanced) 2024

To be Updated


Last date for fee payment of registered candidates

To be Updated


Admit card available for download

To be Updated


Choosing of scribe for PwD candidates

To be Updated


JEE (Advanced) 2024 Exam

To be Updated


Copy of candidate responses to be available on the JEE (Advanced) 2024 website

To be Updated


Online display of provisional answer keys

To be Updated


Feedback and comments on provisional answer keys from the candidates

To be Updated


Online declaration of final answer keys

To be Updated


Result of JEE (Advanced) 2024

To be Updated


Online registration for Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) 2024

To be Updated

Those aspiring to gather comprehensive information about JEE Advanced, such as access to syllabus PDFs, eligibility criteria for JEE Advanced 2024, counseling details, and more, can simply click on the provided link.

Benefits of Clearing JEE 2024

The JEE examination is widely recognized as one of the most challenging entrance exams in India. Attaining admission to an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the aspiration of every engineering candidate. Those who successfully pass the JEE Advanced gain entry into prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs, among others. IITs are renowned for offering exceptional resources, which encompass highly qualified professors and state-of-the-art facilities. Graduates from IITs often secure positions in leading companies with lucrative salary packages.

JEE 2024 Study Materials

We offer an extensive array of study materials to aid in IIT JEE preparation. Students can access a variety of resources, including previous years’ question papers, mock tests, chapter-wise notes, educational videos, and topic-specific question papers, among others. Our study materials are meticulously crafted by subject matter experts. Below are some fundamental IIT JEE concepts.

IIT JEE Physics Concepts

IIT JEE Chemistry Concepts

IIT JEE Maths Concepts

Moment of Inertia

Group 14 Elements


Stefan Boltzmann Law


3D Geometry

Simple Harmonic Motion

Coordination Compounds

Binomial Theorem

Units and Dimensions

Organic Chemistry


Equipotential Surface

VSEPR Theory

Straight Lines

Gauss Law

Buffer Solutions

Complex Numbers

Electric Field Intensity

Redox Reactions

Differential Equations

All Study Materials >>

All Study Materials >>

All Study Materials >>

IIT JEE Question Papers

At BYJU’S, we offer access to previous years’ question papers for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Utilizing these question papers for revision and practice represents one of the most effective ways to prepare for JEE 2024. Students can readily access and download the JEE Main 2023 question papers from our website, which serves to enhance their time management skills. Furthermore, this practice allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the JEE Main 2024 exam pattern. Additionally, solving these question papers aids in discerning the weightage of marks and the level of difficulty.

For further convenience, students can also download the JEE question paper PDFs and sample papers via the below provided links.

JEE Main Question Papers

JEE Advanced question paper

JEE Main Sample Paper

JEE Advanced Sample Paper

Sample papers serve as valuable tools for students to effectively assess their strengths and weaknesses. They enable students to identify areas where they may need further improvement, allowing them to allocate their study efforts more efficiently and tailor their preparation accordingly.

IIT JEE 2024 Preparation Strategy

Effective planning is essential when aiming to excel in any entrance examination. At our platform, we offer a comprehensive study plan designed to help you succeed in IIT JEE. Below, are some preparation strategies for the IIT JEE 2024.

  • Go through the syllabus carefully. Understand the topics which are to be covered.
  • Start preparation as early as possible.
  • Make a timetable and follow it regularly.
  • Clear all doubts.
  • Have a thorough grip on the basics.
  • Learn NCERT books thoroughly.
  • Refer to the best books for JEE preparation.
  • Practise previous years’ JEE question papers.
  • Attempt mock tests.
  • Maintain a positive mind. Take enough breaks while learning.

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BYJU’S IIT JEE Resources

At BYJU’S, we offer a diverse range of learning materials to support JEE aspirants in their preparations. These resources encompass video solutions for past years’ question papers, daily quiz videos, lectures delivered by JEE experts, PDFs containing solutions to previous year’s JEE question papers, comprehensive JEE notes, and more. You can access these valuable resources through the provided links below.

Frequently Asked Questions on JEE 2024


Who will conduct the JEE Main 2024?

The JEE Main 2024 will be conducted by the National Testing Agency.


In which month will the JEE 2024 be conducted?

The JEE Main 2024 will be conducted in January and April 2024. The JEE Advanced will be conducted in June 2024.


Are there 4 attempts in the JEE Main 2024?

No. There will be only two attempts for JEE Main 2024.


Is the JEE Advanced 2024 syllabus out?

Yes. The revised JEE Advanced 2024 syllabus is out.


Is there any negative marking in JEE 2024?

Yes. There is a negative marking in JEE 2024. In JEE Main 2024, 1 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer, whereas JEE Advanced 2024 has different marking schemes for different types of questions.


When will the JEE Main 2024 session 2 registration start?

The JEE Main registration dates for the second session (April session) is yet to be released by NTA. Candidates can start filling out their application forms for the 2nd session once NTA releases the registration notification.


Which IIT will conduct JEE Advanced in 2024?

IIT Madras will conduct the JEE Advanced in 2024. IIT Madras has already released the information bulletin about the exam details on the official website:


Is 75 percent criteria removed for 2024?

No, students must have passed class 12th with a minimum of 75% of marks or must be in the top 20 of their class.