List Of IAS Preparation Articles

On this page, you will find the list of IAS preparation articles that will help aspirants prepare for UPSC Prelims 2021 and further Civil Services exams. Aspirants generally do not find the time to go through all the topics in the syllabus from cover to cover. In order to make life easier, we bring you the list of IAS preparation articles for your benefit and convenience.

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Importance of IAS Preparation Articles

  • All the articles in the daily news analysis, comprehensive news articles, Press Information Bureau, etc. contains credible information as it is collated from the government websites itself – hence, can be safely used for the UPSC exams
  • Covers important socio-economic issues and many topics including current affairs important for Essay and GS papers in UPSC Mains
  • Going through the IAS preparation articles helps in the UPSC personality test/interview
  • The current Affairs articles, This day in history aricles generally gives both sides of the coin, i.e., both the pros and cons of an issue
  • Topics covered IAS preparation articles include polity, governance, schemes, agriculture, economy, international relations, federalism, budget, banking, preparation startegies, etc.
  • It gives the most important and exam-worthy articles that are neatly phrased and analysed.

For more UPSC related preparation materials, refer to the link given below:

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List of IAS Preparation Articles

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