ICSE Class 6

ICSE Class 6 is one of the most crucial years in the life of every student, as, during this year, the students learn the most fundamental concepts of all subjects. The CISCE designs the syllabus in such a way that the students are introduced to some significant topics along with creating interest in learning. The syllabus is well-strategized, which helps the students to receive in-depth knowledge. Also, comprehending the syllabus and guidelines prepares students better for the exams.

The subject experts at BYJU’S prepare the following study materials exclusively for the Class 6 students of ICSE. These study materials are developed with the utmost care and proper references. From the syllabus to sample papers and important questions, these study materials cover it all.

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ICSE Class 6 Syllabus
ICSE Class 6 Sample Paper 
ICSE Class 6 Important Questions

Subjects in ICSE class 6

ICSE is one of the renowned educational boards in India, falling under the CISCE. Students have to be well aware of the subjects that are to be studied before the academic year of Class 6 begins. It is very important to learn the basic concepts of the subjects mentioned below to excel in the future.

ICSE Class 6 Mathematics
ICSE Class 6 Physics
ICSE Class 6 Chemistry
ICSE Class 6 Biology

ICSE does not provide ICSE Books for Class 6 students. The board give freedom for students to study from any reference book of their choice. However, students can refer to books such as Selina, ML Aggarwal etc., for their studies. These ICSE Books for Class 6 will help them cover the syllabus as prescribed by the council and also help them in their revision.

Syllabus of ICSE Class 6

ICSE has carved out a detailed syllabus for Class 6 covering a wide range of topics which are the fundamentals of the concepts that are about to be discussed in future classes. The syllabus guides the students during the academic session and imparts the required knowledge of the subject to students.

ICSE Class 6 Mathematics Syllabus
ICSE Class 6 Physics Syllabus
ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Syllabus
ICSE Class 6 Biology Syllabus

Sample Papers for ICSE Class 6

The secret to cracking any exam is diligent preparation, and sample papers are one such study material which can help the students in better preparation. The sample papers for Class 6 of ICSE are intended to make the students aware of the exam pattern and the various types of questions that might be asked in the examination.

ICSE Class 6 Mathematics Sample Papers
ICSE Class 6 Physics Sample Papers
ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Sample Papers
ICSE Class 6 Biology Sample Papers
ICSE Class 6 History & Civics Sample Papers
ICSE Class 6 Geography Sample Papers

Important Questions for ICSE Class 6

Important questions for Class 6 is a useful support for the students for adequate preparation for exams. By understanding and solving the important questions of different subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc., the students will be able to get an idea about the important topics and questions that shouldn’t be missed.

ICSE Class 6 Mathematics Important Questions
ICSE Class 6 Physics Important Questions
ICSE Class 6 Chemistry Important Questions
ICSE Class 6 Biology Important Questions

ICSE Class 6 Videos

Frequently Asked Questions on ICSE Class 6


What subjects can I learn from the ICSE Class 6 at BYJU’S?

Students can learn subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics from the ICSE Class 6 at BYJU’S.

Is the ICSE Class 6 very tough?

No, ICSE Class 6 is not very tough and can be learnt efficiently with the help of the various study materials available online.

In the ICSE Class 6, what are the subjects students should focus on?

In the ICSE Class 6, students should focus on subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics as it contains numericals which are of high marks in the final exam.


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