Inverse Function Calculator


Inverse function calculator helps in computing the inverse value of any function that is given as input. To recall, an inverse function is a function which can reverse another function. It is also called an anti function. It is denoted as:

f(x) = y ⇔ f− 1(y) = x

How to Use the Inverse Function Calculator?

This calculator to find inverse function is an extremely easy online tool to use. Follow the below steps to find the inverse of any function.

  • Step 1: Enter any function in the input box i.e. across “The inverse function of” text.
  • Step 2: Click on “Submit” button at the bottom of the calculator.
  • Step 3: A separate window will open where the inverse of the given function will be computed.

How to Find the Inverse of a Function?

To find the inverse of any function, first, replace the function variable with the other variable and then solve for the other variable by replacing each other. An example is provided below for better understanding.

Example: Find the inverse of f(x) = y = 3x − 2


First, replace f(x) with f(y).

Now, the equation y = 3x − 2 will become,

x = 3y − 2

Solve for y,

y = (x + 2)/3

Thus, the inverse of y = 3x − 2 is y = (x + 2)/3/

Frequently Asked Questions on Inverse Function


How do you find the inverse of a function?

To find the inverse of a function, write the function y as a function of x i.e. y = f(x) and then solve for x as a function of y.


What is the inverse of 6?

The inverse of 6 is ⅙. For any function “x”, the inverse will be “1/x”.


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