CBSE Class 11 Revision Notes

CBSE Class 11 Revision Notes are prepared by our subject experts to help students prepare concepts covered in the Class 11 PCMB syllabus. Class 11 is a crucial year in a student’s educational career. However, most students don’t take it seriously until it is too late. In competitive exams, around 55 to 60% of weightage is given to the topics covered in the Class 11 PCMB syllabus. Therefore, the students aspiring to pursue undergraduate courses from top Engineering and Medical institutes are advised to take their CBSE Class 11 seriously.

Regarding difficulty and vastness, the Class 11 syllabus of Biology, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry is entirely different from what you studied in Class 9 and 10. More new concepts, chapters, and topics are added to the CBSE Class 11 syllabus. Therefore, one needs to have a deeper knowledge of theories and formulas to score well. Also, the questions asked in exams are not direct anymore. Therefore, one must prepare accordingly. Here we have provided complete chapter-wise Class 11 revision notes for PCMB. The students are suggested to download PDFs of CBSE Revision notes and preparing them regularly to have a clear conceptual understanding. These revision notes summarise all the key concepts provided in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology in a simple and easily understandable format.

Class 11 Revision Notes
Class 11 Maths Revision Notes Class 11 Biology Revision Notes
Class 11 Physics Revision Notes Class 11 Business Studies Revision Notes
Class 11 Chemistry Revision Notes Class 11 Economics Revision Notes

Key Features of Class 11 Revision Notes

  • Chapter-wise revision notes are provided for free pdf download
  • These revision notes are prepared by our IIT/NIT subject experts.
  • Quick summaries, formulas, and important tips are provided in CBSE Notes to understand concepts properly.
  • These revision notes are extremely helpful for preparing for IIT JEE, NEET, and BITSAT.
  • For better understanding, concepts are explained with well-illustrated Diagrams

Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Revision Notes


Is NCERT-based preparation enough for Class 11 exams?

The NCERT books are the official books prescribed by the CBSE board. Although these books are essential, solving previous years’ QPs and other Sample QPs help improve student scores.


How can students revise Class 11 CBSE Maths?

Students can make use of notes to revise any subject before the exam. Notes which contain charts and tabulations will help in the last-minute revision.


What can a student do to score high marks in Class 11 CBSE Biology?

Practise question papers, a study from notes, draw and learn difficult diagrams. These are some of the ways to score high grades in Biology.

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