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Whether you want to solve out a complex problem of your math subject or just want to calculate your percentage in final exams, all you need is a formula which is applied to get you an appropriate answer. A formula is a short way of expressing information symbolically as in maths or chemistry. These formulas provide the knowledge and skills required for the exam. Your parents and teachers always asked you to remember formulas in maths, chemistry and physics so that you can easily embed those formulas to the required problem and come up with an appropriate answer. Most of the time you failed to solve problems just because you forgot the required formula. To help you out, we have collected 100s of formulas for Maths, Physics and Chemistry at one place. So, that you can easily find the best one you would require to solve your problems.

All you have to do is select the chapter and explore a big list of formulas for all the concepts of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Whether you want a formula for Percentage, Area or Perimeter of any figure, you can just check out the list and continue on your learning and research journey. This list helps you avoid looking for formulas by turning out pages of your thick syllabus book.

BYJU’S brings a list of educational formulas to assist students in all the grades to learn the basic concepts well. Not only school graders but students who are preparing for competitive exams must need these formulas. So, go through the list and find all the educational formulas.


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